Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scribd Offers On-Line Books and Materials- Including ESL Books!

While searching for activities involving phrasal verbs (what can only be described as a second language learners' nightmare), I came across a useful tool for ESL teachers looking for resources!

Scribd publishes entire books on-line and uses a friendly interface to search through books. I found a delightfully helpful 83-page book on phrasal verbs and idioms which included activities, worksheets, and crossword puzzles. That book is called Phrasal Words And Idioms.

Anyone can upload documents to Scribd, so there is a wide range of ESL materials. I encourage all teachers to contribute so that we can continue to gain insight and help with ESL lesson plans! A simple search for "ESL" resulted in 3992 results, however, specific grammar points will bring up more useful results. Good luck!

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