Saturday, November 22, 2008

Memory Game To Practice Vocab Or Tenses

Over the past few years the Internet has really become the most powerful tool an ESL teacher can tap into. I love to explore ESL blogs- it's as good as sitting in on a class. I can quickly read what works and what doesn't work in ESL teaching. This blog is basically a collection of ESL materials and tips I find useful. If I'm the only one that reads it, that's fine... but I think there are many ESL teachers beginning to use online resources to become better teachers.

All ESL teachers need quick memory games that can be pulled out with few materials when times call for it: a sleepy or frustrated or bored class, for instance. I loved the memory game I found here. An ESL teacher shares a tried and true method. This is a game that can reinforce grammar or vocabulary, and energize a drooping class.
I like to do it with a tense focus, for example, I remember very well playing this game to review the past tense after the winter holiday season one year. It started off with,

“In the holidays, I visited my friend in Vienna.”

And the student to my left - all standing in a circle - said,

“In the holidays, the teacher visited her friend in Vienna and I ate a lot of chocolate.”

Each turn becomes a little bit harder as you have to remember all the phrases that came before, but it soon gets hilarious.
Thanks for the tip! Good luck teachers!


saralucy said...

Good luck with this game - thanks for linking to me. This activity can definitely be a lot of fun.

Ms. Lucy said...

I just found your blog and find it really interesting. thank you for the great comments and tips.

Eric Roth said...

Good blog write ups! that game I think is cool! can try this ESL site too with useful resources and "not a boring" piece to learn the English Language..Enjoy!

English is fun and Exciting!